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"Coding Standards" (AKA Best Practices)



    Coding Standards

    "JSF Air Vehicle - C++ Coding Standards (Revision C)" which is aimed at making you a GOOD C++  Programmer, but it is Heavily Based on the MISRA-C Guidelines (Which I bought in SEP-2006 for #10 Sterling [about $19.00 USD] ). If you have a question on the "JSF Air Vehicle - C++ Coding Standards (Revision C)" and relevance to VEX, please ask me...

    Embedded Programming

My Number 2 adage is, "Use the right tool for the job."
(My number 1 adage is I dont know everything.)

    This may not be the "best solution" for Embedded Programming (It most likely is, but I am open to suggestions).  So, for some reading, please look at these articles: Deterministic System (Philosophy) and how it applies in the case of Embedded Programming,  Deterministic System (Mathematics).
This leads into the discussion of the Finite State Machine with emphasis on the Event Driven, Finite State Machine (For What It Is Worth [FWIIW], this is how the Projects I do for my "day job" are coded.)

    Related Embedded Programing Concepts (courtesy of

  Deterministic System (Philosophy)
  Deterministic System (Mathematics)

   Finite State Machine
   Event Driven, Finite State Machine
   Virtual Finite State Machine
   Automata-Based Programming

    State transition table

Did you have some ideas that you think could/should be addressed??   Send me an e-mail at or

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