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My Book shelf, next to my Computer.

( CLICK Here My Book shelf, next to my Computer.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )


Top Shelf, on the Left is Commodore 64, 128, in the Middle is Apple II, on the Right is Steve Jobs biography, K&R Second Edition, and Gary Larson's The Far Side and Rich Tennant's The Fifth Wave, and a TRS-80 Model I and II BASIC Tutorial ( I don't own either computer, but Computer Books are Computer Book )

Middle Shelf, Various Subject Matter, including Watcom SQL, D-COM, DirectX, UML, SQL, RedHat Linux, OS/2, CORBA, DB2, and Visual Studio 6.

The "hidden" bottom shelf has some 1950's Hard Cover Robert Heinlein Books, a Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine, Ben Bova's The Dueling Machine, and a Story Collection edited by Robert Silverburg, all Discarded from a School Library, a Paper Back of Steven Levy's Hackers, C Programmer's Guide for Serial Communication ( covers CP/M and MS-DOS ), Embedded Multitasking ( with a focus on PIC Microcontrollers ) and some Catalogs..