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Large Lot Commodore Computer IC Chips Used Untested

I won an eBay Auction for some "pulls" or Commodore Chips..

Five of the MOS 6526 CIA
Three of the MOS 6522 VIA ( one is actually a Rockwell )
Four of the MOS 6551 ACIA ( actually, they are all Synertek )
Two of the MOS 6567R8 VIC-II ( The C64's fantastic Video Chip )
One MOS 8580R5 SID-II ( 9 VDC Sound Chip )
and some Commodore ROMS and what I believe are Timers.

Mainly I am interested in the 6526's and 6522's and the 6551's.. Maybe they will be undamaged, and can be used for some Interfacing projects...

A picture of the Lot