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Apple ][ Sticker Collection

( CLICK Here Apple ][ Stickers.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )


My Apple ][ Sticker Collection, saved from the "Free Stuff" box at a local Second Hand Computer Store.... All were found in the Silver Wabash 5.25" Disk Box.. I though there were disks in it, until I opened it up... Surprise!!!!

Most of the stickers are the Rainbow Apple Logo with "Apple Computer" in the “Motter Tektura” font, used before 1984.

Two of the Apple Rainbow Stickers sets are still in the Plastic Wrapper, never Opened, 4 Large, 4 Small, just like they came with the Apple ][+ and early Apple ][e Computers. ( See a similar package of Vintage Apple Stickers on eBay ).

Also, 7 Elephant Memory Systems Disk labels, came with the 10 Pack box of Disks and 4 Beagle Brothers stickers, which I believe came with the Beagle Brothers Software.